Making things has been important to me since I was very young. I can remember one night when I was about 5 or so, I got out of bed and, using scissors, paste, and all the construction paper I could find, I created a paper sculpture which took up a good part of my room. That impulse followed me into the art department at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, where I experimented with everything from printmaking to sculptural installations. I was fortunate to study metals with Fred Fenster, an inspiring and renowned metalsmith and teacher. While I majored in sculpture in graduate school at the San Francisco Art Institute, I eventually decided that I wanted to work on a more intimate scale.  I started carving tiny wax sculptures, casting them into silver, and using those metal components as a starting point for jewelry pieces.  I have taken many classes and workshops in most aspects of jewelry technique and have been making jewelry ever since.

Living in New York City all these years has made me a walker. I walk everywhere. And I love to walk whether I'm on the beach in Maine, hiking in the woods, or wandering the streets of New York or pretty much any city. Finding an unusual rock, a gossamer pod left behind by a hungry insect, a beautifully textured wall, or a fantastic architectural detail, it's often these unexpected discoveries that inspire my jewelry. These visual ideas weave through my mind and coalesce into sketches and jewelry.

All of the jewelry is created in my Brooklyn studio. I usually work with a combination of gemstones, silver, and gold. The silver is often darkened (oxidized) to provide a pleasing contrast with the warmth of 18 and/or 22 karat gold.  While I make many one of a kind pieces, some of my jewelry is available in limited editions. I also very much enjoy collaborating with people, and am happy to do commissions which combine my skills and ideas with a customer's special requests.